Woodies ( Speckled Feeder Roaches)

About Woodies (Speckled Feeder Roaches)

Woodies are a great food source for reptiles. They are simple to care for and unlikely to set up home in your house if a couple escape – which is unlikely anyway.

Setting up Woodies

All you need is a large storage tub ( 50 lt ) with a lid. You need to cut out the centre 2/3 of the lid and glue in fly wire. This allows for ventilation as woodies need air flow. I use a product called Fluon ( See Order Woodies Page) around the top inside of the tubs as you will notice in the pictures below.

You can use Vaseline, but this is or can be a messy option. Both products become a no go barrier for the woodies.

Keep them somewhere warm and dark so they will be happy. 32/33 degrees celsius is the ideal temperature. The only concern with woodies is lack of ventilation and overcrowding which causes stress.

Stressed woodies wee a lot thus the egg trays can become very damp.

Give them old egg cartons or trays to live in.

I lay egg trays on their edge. This allows the woodie poo to fall down to the bottom rather than collecting in their living areas.

Feeding Your Woodies

If you experience losses with medium size it is most probably too much moisture. I was having losses in some tubs. It took sometime to work out the cause. After much trial and error l have concluded excessive moisture is the cause. It may take up to 4 weeks with no moisture till the losses stop. Now once a week l offer water crystals. I have had woodies loose in my car for several months without moisture and still running around good as gold during summer. So drying them out wont do any any harm

Always have a container with dry food available all the time. I only use Premium Dry dog and cat biscuits, and you can feed the woodies dry food as is. No need to crush up as the woodies will readily eat it. I have started to add a little full cream milk powder to their food. Increases protein levels and adds calcium.

Cleaning Your Woodies’ Enclosure

To clean the tubs out, I give all the trays a bit of a shake so any remaining poo falls down. I then tip the tub up one end so all the rubbish falls down to one end, holding the trays up off the bottom slightly.

Wait till the woodies all run back to hide and just vacuum the rubbish out.

That’s it very simple. If you’re looking for worms, woodies, or even just some friendly advice, don’t put it off – please contact me here or give me a call on 0423 380 482.

Vented lid     

   Woddie Breeding Tub 
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Woodie Food Tubs
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Woodie Babies
Baby woodies


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