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Fattening The Herd

When your worms are well established and there are thousands of them in your farm, you might notice that the worms are getting a little smaller. This is can be due to overcrowding, excessive young worms and eggs.

Worms won’t grow to their full potential if crowded and are mixed in with all different size worms. They also regulate and slow their breeding if too crowded. This may not be a problem when you just want composting worms.

If you want fat worms which can consume more scraps or larger Africans Night Crawlers for fishing, then you need to grow them out to full size.

Screen your larger worms under a bright light removing the castings. Worms move down away from the light. Eventually you have pure worm in a pile. Place these and a small amount of the old castings into fresh manure/sugarcane mulch. Just make a small hole and put them in. Dont spread them out.

If there are very few worms or eggs in the castings just dig them into your garden or make worm tea. If there is lots of eggs and small worms give them a boost with manure /sugarcane mulch. Let them grow out.

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