About Brians Worms

Are you looking for a low-cost entry point and supply of superworms and woodies for turtle, reptile, bird and fish food?

Not wanting to pay the prices of the big chains, or looking for that personal touch?

Brian’s Worms is a small, independent hobby business and the best place in Australia to find the Speckled Feeder Roaches (also known as woodies).

Buying bulk works out cheaper than little shop packs once set up.

Housing them is simple, just follow basic care needs and they will happily live till needed.

Not only that, but I offer free email support to make sure your woodies will keep producing for years.

Brian’s Worms is firm favourite for ordering superworms and woodies in Australia:

  • Woodies and Superworms
  • Turtle, Reptile, Fish and Bird feed
  • Buying bulk works out cheaper than shop packs
  • Housing them is simple
  • Follow basic care needs and they will happily live till needed
  • Free email support


    If the delivery time will take in a weekend I will hold the worms/woodies till the Monday then post. I don’t want them sitting in a truck or a post office any longer than needed. I want them to arrive asap and in the best possible condition. Thanks for understanding

    Posting will be Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday. This is to avoid delays over the weekend.
    Please ensure delivery address is correct when ordering. If possible please include a phone number to be put on the front of the satchel.