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  • Sunny says:

    HIHI, Is Sunny here, I come visit your website, wow… you put lots of work on this!! My worm farm is half died…got lots of other bug like to go in and share the space or I do think they may take over the worm house…don’t know… my ex-partner keep the worm farm and he don’t look after it at all…
    and Do you take this picture??? how you find the egg?!?!?! look like corn…hahahaa
    may not see you at work but may see you sometimes around Southport 🙂

    • Brian Mercer says:

      Hello Sunny,
      Thank you for looking at my website. No I didn’t take the picture, just one I got off the net. The eggs are very small like grape seeds. If your worm farm is healthy you can see the eggs. It seems you need some help with your worms. If you can get some horse manure make sure it is wet. If it is dry just soak it in some water then put it on the top of your worm farm. If your farm has several levels make sure the horse manure goes on top where the worms are and there is no gaps underneath. After a week you should have all or most of your worms in the horse manure.
      You can then remove the horse manure and clean out your farm. Once clean put the horse manure back in and fill it to the top with more manure. Your worms will start breeding again. One tip is to freeze your vegetable scraps then feed them to the worms.
      I am doing day shift over at Cypress on Friday and Saturday and will say hello if you are working.


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